Your story is my story too.

You know, we all have a story, and it is far more vast than your engagement day, your wedding day, or any other big day can tell. But that’s the beauty of a photograph and a collection of photographs… they begin to tell the stories in your larger story. This intent of this blog post was to tell you all about me and my story and help you understand a little more about me.. But ultimately, I wanted to write a blog post to help you understand how I see you.


I see you. I see that your heart melts a little when he holds your hand like that, or grins at you out of the corner of her eye. I see that you can’t believe that this moment has arrived. You may have never even expected that it would… yet here it is. 

I see the joy that wells up inside when you get a sneak peak of your engagement photos. When you realize that you looked pretty darn gorgeous, even though you changed your outfit 35 times and got your makeup done by a pro because you hoped it would make you look even better.  


I see you on your wedding day. Shining in that white dress. Looking extra regal in that tux. 

I see your nerves, and mini-freakouts all the way to the chapel. 

Do you know what else I see? 

I see that your heart melts for a guy you never thought you’d end up with. 

I see that your beauty is actually joy radiating from the inside out.. And yeah, your makeup looks pretty, but YOU are beautiful without it.

I see that you are wearing a dress you spent the last three months or (three years even) working hard to fit into.


Those nerves? Yep, I see that they are instantly calmed when you look into the eyes of the person holding your hands at the altar. 

I see that guy looking in your eyes and you feel like you won the lottery. Well, you did. Never forget that.

You know why I can see you this way? Because I am you.

I never expected my dream guy would become my husband. (That's us in the next photo by Sarah Porter Photos!) I had plenty of reasons to think this, but somehow that guy saw me too. I never ever expected to walk down the aisle and feel like a princess.  I spend excessive amounts of time picking an outfit for a photoshoot or gosh, just to go to work every day. I agonize over the littlest of flaws and to be honest, I always want to lose 5 lbs.

So I see you. I see the way you’re feeling and how hard you work. When I tell you I think you look beautiful, I mean it with all my heart. I want the photographs I take of you to represent so much more than the memories you're making. I want to help you see what I see!

I see you girl. I see all the things you don’t and all the things you may want to hide, but it’s my mission to help you see them and believe them about yourself too.

Christopher McLaughlin